How a shift in mindset can help you create the future

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What does it mean to lead in an era of accelerating change? When is past experience a useful superpower and when does it create blindspots that limit your imagination?

How can we lead successfully in today’s high-pressure, high-performance day-to-day, but at the same time, bet on an unpredictable, unexpected future?

Superpower Blindspots Mindsets


You have the power
to see into the future.

Since the earliest of time we’ve slowly developed the ability to predict the future, based on what we can measure today.

Even before modern technology, we’d look up to the clouds to predict tomorrow’s weather. It helped farmers sustain their crops, and sailors navigate the seas.

While today we use satellites, sensors and telecommunication to predict the future - not a lot has changed. Our superpower still very much depends on historical information… data.

Unfortunately, sometimes, despite enormous amounts of historical data - our superpower just doesn’t work. We become less effective at predicting the future. Especially when what’s driving the future - is technology.


Tomorrow is unpredictable,
unknown, and unexpected.

Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate, and yet—even at the expert level—the thinking remains linear. This rapid change creates blindspots in our ability to see what’s coming, making our once-perfect vision of tomorrow unreliable.

1. Cost of DNA Sequencing
2. Cost of Internet Access
3. Cost to Space
4. Cost of Solar Panels
5. Cost of Smartphones

Over the past decade, information technology has been driving costs down at an increasing rate, creating radically unexpected changes to the way we live and work.

You can have expertise in one area.

What happens when breakthroughs in seemingly unrelated fields transform the way you think about yours?

Advanced robotics, blockchain, computation, artificial intelligence—the power of these technologies becomes exponential when they start to impact and inform one another.

It gets even more unexpected than that.

While different technologies are impacting one another, entire sectors begin to converge.

So how do you become a Futurestarter?

Futurestarters explores the superpowers and blindspots each of us have, and the six essential mindsets we must leverage in order to create the future.

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